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Dr. Ajaz Khan, M.D.

Owner | Aymancare Primary Care Clinics
"Samona and her team are the masters of regulatory compliance, their forward-thinking solutions drive results. Their depth of knowledge is what sets them apart from other consultants. Their considerable experience in the regulatory space and specialized expertise consistently adds value."

Justin M. Puckett

President | MB2 Dental
“It’s my absolute pleasure to recommend Samona Neal. I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Samona. She is honest, dependable, and incredibly hard-working. Her knowledge of the Health Care Industry and expertise in Compliance was a huge advantage to our entire office. It must be pointed out that her number one strength is leadership. Along with her undeniable talent, Samona has always been a joy to work with. She is a true team player, and always manages to foster positive discussions and bring the best out of our employees.”

Darren E. Boggs

Chief of Operations | Altius Healthcare Management
“She has worked with us for over a year as our Director of Compliance. During that time, we have seen a dramatic improvement in our compliance program. We were fortunate that Samona brought a turnkey solution to our compliance needs. She was instantly able to implement key systems, processes, and training guidelines upon her arrival to the company. Samona has all the required knowledge and experience to fully implement and supervise a large company compliance program. She operates at a high level and can work independently. One thing she was really able to help us with was formalizing and systemizing our open-door policy. Through this, we were able to get more direct information from the practice level and take care of staff and personnel problems while they were still manageable. Samona was free to work with multiple departments such as HR, IT, Billing, and Operations to help improve any areas where compliance was concerned. She was perhaps the best I have seen at mediating between patients that had a bad experience and the providers. We created a system and culture where Samona would intervene proactively when patients were upset or felt they were not treated properly. By using a combination of diplomacy and soft skills, she was almost always able to prevent a lawsuit, state board complaint, or other larger issues. This was invaluable to our offices and doctors. She brings a tremendous wealth of experience and knowledge. Your team will appreciate her attention to detail and how she holds them accountable to the standard. We have enjoyed working with Samona here at Altius.”

Jason Ray

Trial Attorney | Riggs & Ray, PC
“Samona is well-known and extremely knowledgeable in the compliance world. I have worked with her on several projects, for several different companies, and she has always garnered rave reviews from her clients. She efficiently and diplomatically communicates rules, regulations, and government policy in a well-organized and effective way, regardless of the complexity of the situation. I would strongly recommend Samona for those searching for compliance guidance.”

Fakhrudin A. Mohamed, M.D.

Medical Director | Heal360 Primary and Urgent Care

“I have been working with Miss Samona Neal since 2021, and I wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation for her outstanding work. From my observations and interactions, it is evident that her dedication to ensuring compliance standards are met has a significant impact on the overall patient experience.

First and foremost, she demonstrates a thorough understanding of the regulations and guidelines governing healthcare practices. Her in-depth knowledge enables us to implement effective policies and procedures that safeguard patient privacy, maintain data security, and adhere to legal requirements.

In addition to her expertise, she actively promotes a culture of compliance within the clinic's outpatient setting. She collaborates with staff members at all levels, providing valuable guidance and training sessions to keep everyone up to date with the latest industry standards.

Furthermore, she is approachable and readily available to address any compliance concerns or questions. She actively engages with patients, making an effort to explain privacy policies and consent procedures, thus enhancing transparency and trust.

Overall, I left the clinic's outpatient setting with a strong sense of confidence in her compliance practices. Her dedication, knowledge, and commitment to upholding compliance standards significantly contribute to the clinic's overall success and the well-being of its patients.

I wholeheartedly recommend Miss Neal as a Compliance Officer and applaud her efforts in ensuring a smooth and compliant outpatient experience.”

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