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Healthcare Compliance Agency is a leading healthcare compliance service provider for nationwide practices and medical organizations. We specialize in ensuring healthcare practitioners, employees, and executives comply with laws and regulations regarding care, safety, and privacy. Our services are designed to prevent and reduce fraud, waste, and abuse risks within the healthcare industry. We monitor the activities, actions, and practices of healthcare professionals. If needed, we can intervene with investigations to determine if violations have occurred. Our mission is to protect practices and patients and keep medical professionals compliant, accountable, and responsible.
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About Samona Altman, CEO and Owner

Samona Altman is the founder and operator of Healthcare Compliance Agency. Before starting our agency, Mrs. Altman spent years in senior-level positions within the dental industry, and she uses her experience and skills for other healthcare industries to achieve success. She initiates, maintains, and revises policies and audits practices to discover and prevent misconduct and illegal activities. Mrs. Altman's specialties include training staff and executives in dispute resolution, data privacy, electronic discovery, and record retention. She's been a liaison in countless risk management evaluations and regulatory investigations, ensuring every problem is identified, addressed, and solved.

About Jason Altman, COO

Growth-focused and innovative, Jason Altman is a talented, high-functioning leader who leverages over a decade of healthcare experience. As the chief operating officer of Healthcare Compliance Agency, Jason is responsible for all operations, finance, and IT functions. He has the unique ability to grasp the most complex issues and challenges, find sound solutions and implement processes that continue to move the business forward. Jason is never happy with standing still and always looks for creative and innovative ways to grow and expand the business. 
Jason is a devoted husband and father in his free time, committing his time and energies to kids’ activities and sports teams.

About Matt Alexander,  Fractional CMO

Matt is a marketing and advertising professional with agency and client-side experience focused on driving new patients/customers into businesses and keeping them compliant! Industry experience includes DSOs, private dental practices, eye care practices, banking, mortgage, consumer products, commercial and residential real estate, transportation and loyalty incentive solutions.

Matt is focused on the end result with all marketing initiatives.

When not helping clients succeed, Matt loves to travel and find the best taco establishments in Texas, scuba diving and beach volleyball.


About McKinzey, Senior Auditor

Ms. McKenzie is a Senior Auditor at HCA. Prior to joining HCA, she was a site auditor for Heal360 Primary Care. Her duties also included performing supervisory reviews, and mentoring other auditors. Ms. McKenzie holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Chamberlain University.


About Emily, Site Auditor

Emily's healthcare experience branches from the clinical side, where she graduated from TCU with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and pursued being in the medical field. She worked for several dental practices afterward ranging from general to specialty. She managed a multiple-site, and multi-specialty group and lends her in office experience to HCA.


About Missy, Project Administrator

Missy comes to HCA with over 15 years of healthcare experience on the clinical side. She started with HCA 2 months ago as the go-to person! She's worked most recently assisting executives in a large healthcare group in Texas. 


An Expert Legal Team and Consultants

Our legal and advising team has years of experience, education, and practice in healthcare and related sectors like government, finance, and insurance. They provide extensive expertise and guidance to clients from all healthcare fields. If you are concerned your practice is slipping from compliance or want to learn your highest risks, we can help. Our teams will assess your systems, determine their strengths and weaknesses, and develop strategic solutions to enhance them.

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