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Healthcare Compliance Agency is a leading healthcare compliance service provider for nationwide practices and medical organizations. We specialize in ensuring healthcare practitioners, employees, and executives comply with laws and regulations regarding care, safety, and privacy. Our services are designed to prevent and reduce fraud, waste, and abuse risks within the healthcare industry. We monitor the activities, actions, and practices of healthcare professionals. If needed, we can intervene with investigations to determine if violations have occurred. Our mission is to protect practices and patients and keep medical professionals compliant, accountable, and responsible.
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About Samona Altman

Samona Altman is the founder and operator of Healthcare Compliance Agency. Before starting our agency, Mrs. Altman spent years in senior-level positions within the dental industry, and she uses her experience and skills for other healthcare industries to achieve success. She initiates, maintains, and revises policies and audits practices to discover and prevent misconduct and illegal activities. Mrs. Altman's specialties include training staff and executives in dispute resolution, data privacy, electronic discovery, and record retention. She's been a liaison in countless risk management evaluations and regulatory investigations, ensuring every problem is identified, addressed, and solved.
Samona Altman CEO

An Expert Legal Team and Consultants

Our legal and advising team has years of experience, education, and practice in healthcare and related sectors like government, finance, and insurance. They provide extensive expertise and guidance to clients from all healthcare fields. If you are concerned your practice is slipping from compliance or want to learn your highest risks, we can help. Our teams will assess your systems, determine their strengths and weaknesses, and develop strategic solutions to enhance them.

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